old Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Hypnosis is a powerful natural tool for managing chronic pain, healing faster, teeth-grinding, reducing stress & building positive change

What is Hypnotherapy?

The hypnotic trance is an altered state of consciousness, which some describe as a normal state of focused attention. You may not realize it, but you enter into a hypnotic trance when you are doing many everyday tasks, such as watching shows or driving your car on a regular route. Children are in a often in a natural trance state, hence they make excellent subjects for hypnosis !

People are more open to suggestion while in a hypnotic state, and with hypnotherapy can learn to change their thoughts, feelings, behaviour & attitudes. The changes that happen during the hypnotic sessions are reinforced with CD’s, custom-made to support you.

Today, hypnosis has been approved by many facets of the mainstream medical community.  According to research from Dr. Alfred Barrios: (Ph.D. UCLA Clinical Psychologist – Inventor of the Stress Control Bio-Feedback Card & Author of the New York Times bestseller The Stress Test), hypnotherapy is over twice as effective, and almost 100 times faster, than conventional psychoanalysis sessions.

Effective Rates of Behaviour Treatment

  • Psychoanalysis – 38% – 600 sessions
  • Most Behavioural Therapy – 72% – 22 sessions
  • Most Hypnotherapy Sessions – 93% – 6 sessions

Are You Hypnotizable?

Most people think they aren’t. But, in fact, 95% of people are hypnotizable.
How do you measure up? Take the Quiz!

A Tool for Physical Healing

Therapeutic Hypnosis is a powerful natural tool for managing chronic pain and healing; when this therapeutic hypnosis is used in conjunction with the body’s healing processes, there develops significant and more rapid healing.

  • Heal faster after surgery
  • Control pain, tinnitus
  • Release teeth-grinding
  • Increase your health
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Natural childbirth

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