About Me

Hi I’m Anton,
I am a queer therapist with a playful spiritual style, grounded in present moment body-mind-energy experiences.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). I graduated the Gestalt Institute of Toronto five year psychotherapy training program in December 2021 and the Transpersonal Therapy Centre Psychotherapy training program in 2009 (Jung, Zen Mediation ). I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 2004.

Anton Corvus queer trans non-binary therapist works with queer folks and their families, individuals and couples.

I believe each of us can follow their true path to happiness; in 2015 I transitioned from female to male; I moved to Toronto for my dream life of living as a gay man; today I find myself identifying more non-binary.

I am an empathic, intuitive and a highly sensitive person (HSP) who is closely connected to nature. My spirituality is a mixture of nature based, living consciousness energy, we are all connected kind of vibe. I am not a formal person and I don’t like hierarchies. If you work with me, we share responsibility to work, be present, to co-create the sessions. I tend to share portions of my own story if it feels appropriate in supporting my client.

I was that kid at school that other kids would come to with their secrets. I started my own healing journey with therapy at 16 to support me in processing my traumatizing childhood.

I’ve been described as being like a gentle breeze with a woodland faerie vibe. Jack Kornfield wrote “Through beginner’s mind we learn to see one another mindfully, free from views. Without views, we listen more deeply and see more clearly.” I see, hear and feel you without judgement.

I believe there are no coincidences, only synchronicities.   – meaning there is a hidden deeper meaning to those moments. When I took my business name, Interwoven Souls, I followed my intuitive guidance. As my journey has deepened I’ve learned that humans are literally wired to be in relationship with others; our lives are deeply interwoven.


Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy, since 2018
National Guild of Hypnotists, since 2004  #19287

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