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Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy is led by you, empowered by our deepening therapeutic relationship and enriched with co-created experiences with a goal to build self-awareness, identify and own all the parts of ou.

We use our bodies and environment to ground us in the present, opening to what’s seen and not seen.

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People are more open to suggestion while in a hypnotic state, and with hypnotherapy can learn to change their thoughts, feelings, behaviour & attitudes.

The changes that happen during the hypnotic sessions can be reinforced with custom-made recordings to support you.

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Reiki Healng

Receive Reiki energy healing to balance your chakras and support increased relaxation, healing and inner peace. Options include working with crystals, aromatherapy essential oils and intuitive messages.

Anton was attuned and trained in Advanced Usui Shiki Ryoho / Tibetan Reiki in 2014


Gestalt relational couples sessions are experiential, expressive and supportive.

I hold space, listen and give feedback while you do most of the talking.

Experiences could include exploring a movement, or drawing a feeling.


This kind of personalized experience can be for healing and closure, or simply for pleasure.

Unresolved past life issues can manifest as specific fears, relationship issues, physical manifestations and much more!
By discovering what you have done, you can become more empowered, more the “true” you.

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“Ze has a great deal of knowledge and spiritual understanding.
After a few sessions,  I was able release emotional pain, which in turn brought clarity to my life purpose and an ability to see the glass half full again. Ze was able to give me a positive alternative for dealing with problems. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend hir services to all my friends and colleagues.”

KD, Barrie 2013

“This was my first formal regression, and although I meditate and go to spiritual events, this was a very fulfilling experience. I learned lessons I knew I hadn’t realized yet. Thank you.”

“Very powerful, moving & life-altering”

Reviews from my workshop participants at the Edgar Cayce Canada National Conference, 2008

“Working with them has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had.  I remember after our very first session coming home and my husband looking at me and asking how I felt.  I recall that wonderful sense of calmness and the lightening of spirit which I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  Ze is able to guide you back to being who you are instead of what others have tried to make you.  Ze helps you to uncover and reframe past issues that have been holding you back, so that true healing and actual progress can be yours.  If you are truly ready and open to make change happen in your life, working with hir is the place to start.”

SJ, Barrie 2013

Note: The above testimonials have been edited to support my name and pronoun changes.

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