Holistic Psychotherapy

I’m a non-binary therapist offering a holistic style of therapy, working with you as mind body and spirit, co-creating experiences on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I work with  folks who are drawn to my embodied, creative and spiritual way of being, including 2SLGBTQA+ adults and their families.

My style of therapy is relational, client driven, trauma informed. We work together collaboratively to build safety, reconnect mind, body and emotions, in a creative, body expressive style, supporting breath and embodied spaciousness, working with what we are able to sense in the present moment.

Sessions are co-created within a safe container that we build together. I work grounded in ‘beginner’s mind,’ where I bring my natural openness, presence, and lack of preconceptions.

We don’t always need to talk; we work creatively, developing new insights from different perspectives. We may experiment using art, free-form doodling, playing with clay, exploring body movement and sounds. We develop trust in our own inner knowing, and exploring inspired metaphors, which can lead to deep emotional work. Using the space of the room and our own bodies we can experience relationships in a new more embodied way.

I work with all kinds of couples, and support polyamorous/ non-monogamous relationships. I offer a kink friendly, sex positive space.

This form of therapy is more of a deep emotional experiencing, rather than a mental to-do list.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Appointments, downtown Toronto

Tuesday to Thursday online psychotherapy sessions are available.
Friday and Saturday online and/or in-person sessions are available.

Psychotherapy … Do We Fit ?
I offer a free 20 minute call or zoom chat to ask and answer any questions regarding how I practice psychotherapy, and to explore if we are a good fit for each other. Email antonccorvus@proton.me to schedule.

Hypnotherapy … Book Now
Book your hypnotherapy or past life regression session, here:

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