Relational Psychotherapy

I support anxious, depressed, traumatized, neurodivergent, overwhelmed or highly sensitive people to find a grounding and calm home in their body-mind. We explore creative ways of being, with a focus on presence in the here and now, and building an increased self-awareness for deeper personal growth. With gentle, trauma informed work, you gradually become free of the freezing, fight or fight responses and develop your skills in self-support and build more resilience to difficulties.

We work together, playfully at times, always integrating mind and body. We create experiments in the session to help you explore and build better relationships from better boundaries, helping to create more flexibility and spontaneous moments of joy in your life.

I am told I’m gentle like ‘a soft rain.’  If you’re ready to be deeply and gently seen, and want to work towards deeply emotional work in a trauma informed way, I will walk beside you.

I invite to you to check out our fit with a complimentary 20-30 min Zoom chat. Email to schedule. Couples, Individuals; Straight, Questioning or Queer folks and their families welcome.

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