Reviews from my workshop participants at the Edgar Cayce Canada National Conference, Kingston2008

“This was my first formal regression, and although I meditate and go to spiritual events, this was a very fulfilling experience. I learned lessons I knew I hadn’t realized yet. Thank you.”

“Knows his subject and presented it well – organized and professional. I had a good past life experience. Thank you.”

“ His comfort with the subject – also knowledge. He is an experienced presenter.”

“Very powerful, moving & life-altering”

“The method used to regress was wonderful.”

“Very good preparation and relaxation before. Powerful experience and very personal.”

“ … soothing voice, gently guiding.”

Author: Anton Corvus

Helping folks to make positive change, heal trauma and become more joyfully whole, using gestalt relational psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & past life regression. I'm also a spiritualist psychic medium & empath with 'beginners mind' - having a natural propensity not to judge, but to simply hold space for the authentic and being of the other.