CM, Gravenhurst

I have had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Anton and have discovered very simple emotions, from the recent and distant past, that have kept me entangled, and held me in repetitive and destructive behaviour and responses.

My most recent session, was to help me deal with sleeplessness, nightmares, irritability and anxiousness. Anton’s guiding questions helped me to discover the root cause and its and effect. I would not have been able to discern this through cognitive thought, or practical reasoning because I had no conscious knowledge that I even carried this within me. The root was deeply embedded in my unconscious, and with his techniques and expertise, Anton facilitated my awareness and to resolve my confusion.

Hypnotherapy with Anton allows me to become aware, but most importantly to let go, of those things that have both inhibited and those that promoted my healthy growth, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Author: Anton Corvus

Helping folks to make positive change, heal trauma and become more joyfully whole, using gestalt relational psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & past life regression. I'm also a spiritualist psychic medium & empath with 'beginners mind' - having a natural propensity not to judge, but to simply hold space for the authentic and being of the other.