AO, Muskoka- Guided Meditation CD

It was wonderful. I had arrived home after being stranded on the highway for 2 hours. I had a splitting headache and thought I could try my new Healing White Light CD.

I drifted into bliss within minutes… Every tight muscle in my body began to relax as I scanned my body. It took me 5 minutes to bring myself out of it and felt absolutely fantastic. The star of white light that enveloped me was warm and reassuring, I felt my heart slow, my breathing slow and my body normalize.

As the light returned back into me through my forehead was the most remarkable part. As soon as I was able to move again, I found myself reaching to rub my forehead. Amazing, the ability to heal oneself is something I have always known to be true but I’ve never been able to allow myself the time. With this it’s easy, you do it all for me.

Author: Anton Corvus

Helping folks to make positive change, heal trauma and become more joyfully whole, using gestalt relational psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & past life regression. I'm also a spiritualist psychic medium & empath with 'beginners mind' - having a natural propensity not to judge, but to simply hold space for the authentic and being of the other.