Relational Embodied Psychotherapy

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating havoc with our nervous systems, often triggering old traumas up to the surface. Spending so much time without community and nature is negatively affecting everyone’s mental health. Many of us are clenching our jaws, noticing time seems distorted and our productivity plummeted. We may find ourselves with chronically tight shoulders and neck from too much online time and too many unknowns weighing us down.

All of this is piling on top of existing earlier traumas and stresses; growing up with traumatic events, even the ‘smaller -t’ traumas, can result in us feeling like we are not good enough; we try to please others, can’t say no, often to our own detriment. You survived the past by creatively adapting your behaviour. You deserve to thrive, rather than survive.

Anton Corvus Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Hypnotherapist

I support creative people, and specialize in working within the 2SLGBTQA+ community, including those who identify as queer, non-binary, transgender and folks exploring or questioning who they are.  I work with couples, and support polyamorous/ non-monogamous relationships.

This is kink and sex positive practice that prioritizes co-creating a safe and supportive space.

I self-identify as transmasc non-binary and believe it’s very likely I have neurodivergent way of being, in the autism & ADHD realms. I am highly sensitive, empathic and in the moment, but I can also forget stuff quite easily.

 I work with depression ,anxiety ,childhood sexual abuse, exploring gender identity and expression.

We work collaboratively in a creative, relational and body expressive style. Together we slow down, working with what we are able to sense in each moment. We develop our therapeutic alliance, gradually build trust and support. I walk beside you as you naturally shift into a more aware sense of self, with more spaciousness, a more of a natural way of being.

We don’t always need to talk!

We work creatively, perhaps doodling, exploring our spaces, or body expression, creating inspired metaphors to explore more deeply. We explore our relationships to each other and to all the parts of self, in more aware and present ways.

As a gay transmasc therapist, I offer hypnotherapy, trauma informed, relational and embodied psychotherapy services, in a kink and sex positive space. I work grounded in ‘beginner’s mind,’ where I bring my natural openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions.

Are you ready to experience yourself being deeply seen and heard?
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